Women’s Ministry

The Womens Ministry Department assists the church in meeting the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs of women in their various stages of life and cultural background. We seek to provide a spiritual climate for growth, encourages productivity and rewards efforts and initiatives.

Women are an influential force in the church. They cradle the future and shape the present with their attitudes and actions toward themselves, family, friends, fellow church members and neighbors. When women are ministered to, the church, their family, and the community are ministered to as well.

Women’s needs and concerns include (but are not limited to) women living balanced lifestyles, considering responsibilities within the multiple roles of home, work, husband’s work, children, church, and society; women and finances; women and self-esteem; women and decision-making; conflict resolution, and time-management.

For more information contact us at women@palaceofpeace.org

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